12 Angry Men

A sweaty good time!


With Davey Mendoza

Davey Mendoza

This is my favorite movie because:

Well, it’s not my favorite movie, but rather, it’s one I really like. I’m partial to the overarching themes of truth, justice and the American way we struggle with those two concepts. It’s mostly because I really romanticize the ideals that we were all raised believing about our country and how we should hold ourselves accountable to them. Also it’s just a really great movie, filled with sweating, grunting middle aged men wrestling with these lofty ideals that we too often take for granted, or lose sight of. It’s a classic piece of American cinema that I’m all to happy to share with my friend Melissa, who’s experience with such is severely lacking.

I am shocked Darch hasn’t seen this because:

I’m not shocked at all. She hasn’t seen a movie ever.

Three parts I’m most excited for Darch to see are:

1. Sweaty old dudes wrestling with the truth

2. Henry Fonda’s unwavering devotion to the truth

3. How the movie takes place, basically in one room.


I’m pretty sure this movie is about:

A court case. I think it is in black and white, and I believe all of the men wear suits the entire time despite obvious heat difficulties. I am anticipating some men sweating through their shirts/undershirts. Based on the episode of Veronica Mars “One Angry Veronica”, I think that everyone wants to leave the deliberation room but one person stands their ground thinking the guy is innocent and then changes everyone’s minds.

Famous scenes/lines I think are in this movie:

I think there is something to do with a knife that allegedly couldn’t be purchased elsewhere that is sort of the “clincher” of the case. This could also be Rebel Without a Cause.
I haven’t seen this movie because:

I went through a phase where I would not watch black and white movies. I don’t hear this movie brought up often, so I never think to watch it. Sue me.

Darch types in gray over here.

Davey types in red over here.

It took us about an hour to get this movie started.

I was right about black and white. I was right about Davey being boring.

Room 228 is the courtroom. I’m going to solve this case before anyone else.

Get ready for the sweat.

Hella pressure on these white men. “Death sentence is mandatory.”

I think it’s cute that there’s a coat closet. Like Kindergarteners deciding the fate of a man’s life.

All of the characters in this movie have, in one way or another, been impersonated by me.

So far, the nerdy juror is the hero of the movie, right?

Darch: Completely underwhelmed by the exquisite character study this movie is.

Guy blows his nose- “Your horn works, now try your lights.” Best line in the movie.

Waiting for Darch to notice the acting on and off camera.

“I’m the really short guy, so I’ll be in charge, for comedy purposes.”

The old man is in the bathroom. SOO relieved he didn’t die in there. Murder mystery on a murder mystery type deal.

“Excuse me, everyone are you listening? Here’s some exposition to set up the plot of the movie.”

Mob mentality, about to take over.

“You couldn’t change my mind if you talked for 100 years.” This guy is the first domino to fall.

Is Henry Fonda considered cute?

This movie is the perfect #monoscene

Really got a hankering for Rice Pops. The pitch works!

“Foreman” of the Jury, boldly wearing a polo shirt with a tie.

Squirly guy will be Darch’s favorite character.

Passing el train???? IS THIS A CHICAGO MOVIE?

THERE IT IS, the “kids these days…” speech. That’s what makes the men Angry.

UH OH Slumdog over here is about to be PISSED.

Class warfare up in this movie!

I’m loving this shot of grumpy dad staring at his kid’s picture and remembering how well he raised his child.

Henry Fonda’s character, the only voice of reason.

Grumpy dad running the show, bringing up that knife that I think exists.

“Let’s consider the facts: 1 Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman”

“Straight-laced” character having trouble saying “switch blade knife”

Who is going to pay for this table? You can’t just stab people’s furniture with a knife.

This movie apparently stars a young Chad Smith-the drummer from the Red Hot Chili Peppers- in a Fedora.

This sick guy is SICK of this jury talking.

Dude, SLUM DOG is all about this silent vote. I’m betting he votes innocent.

Darch has no idea, how much worse it’s about to get

That dude drew his “y” backward on his “guilty” vote.

Has this guy been Italian the whole time?

Is Grumpy dad a poor man’s Marlon Brando?

Some Low-Key baller camera work in this flick.

How is Jane Fonda related to all of this?

Is Don Draper the comic relief?

Now we get to see everyone’s personable sides.

“A Man Inside” – when one of the jurors uses the restroom

Davey made a guttural reaction to the infinity towel.

Plain-spoken man laying some wisdom on the “Idealistic” man

OF COURSE Nerdy guy loves Magic.

“…Then the body hit the floor…”

Darch: continuing to swoon over “Egghead” character.

This is about to be a math problem “It takes an el train ten seconds to pass a window, and it leaves Union station at 10:23pm…”

LOT OF sexual tension in this room. Men are taking their clothes off, everyone’s sweating…

Old man: the sleeper genius juror.

Is this old guy reading a Walt Whitman poem?

Nerdy guy is now LITERALLY on Henry Fonda’s side. Great cinematography.

Token “Spaniard” correcting someone’s English moment.

This guy cares more about baseball than the TRUTH

This dude loves lists.

Voting is this nerdy guy’s favorite part of the process.

What’s going on in that women’s bathroom? Is there someone in there? Is it ever used?

Lone Trump supporter can’t believe other people aren’t as convinced of crime as he is.

Grumpy dad does not have feet left to stick in his mouth.

Awkward moment when foreigner appreciates Democratic ideals more than American’s do.

Is this whole movie a commercial for Old Spice? 

Unsurprising moment when baseball fanatic uses “extra innings” metaphor

This “the heat is on” metaphor is running the whole movie.

YASSS unnecessary racist rant.

This robot is about to beaten. Tell me where you were every night of this week.

Egghead for the win!

Darch’s slow head turn and smile confirms suspicions, Egghead has won her heart

SLUM DOG with the knife tutorial.

Don Draper is trying to figure out how to sell a switch blade to underprivileged youths.

At some point, I’d vote not guilty so that I wasn’t associated with Sicko and Grumpy Dad. 

Justice turns slowly like an old wooden ship. That ship is named the Henry Fonda.

The Man Who Can’t Think Without His Glasses

This old dude with a nose fetish.

Grumpy Dad never knows what anyone is getting at. “But what does it mean???”

For a guy who is so sure about this case he doesn’t seem to have any answers to his own questions

Don Draper is such a flipflopper.

Grumpy Dad just ripped up his kid and started crying. Is there no psych exam before they pick jury members?

OF COURSE Henry Fonda is wearing all white.

Hero exits in radiant white suit. Like an angel.

Overall Rating: B+

Comments: A great character study I now know, a good, tense movie that is a monoscene for a lot of the time. Some of the moments felt like Hitchcock’s Rope. I could tell a story was literally being woven. I can’t image filming this movie. Everyone is sweating profusely and some of the shots were minutes long. There was probably one heck of a wrap party.


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