Little Monsters

A pranking good time!



With Ashley Schnepf

This is my favorite movie because:

Seriously, because Fred Savage.

I am shocked Darch hasn’t seen this because:

I think it’s a really iconic kid’s movie. There are a lot of really great 90’s actors in it, and because I’ve completely overrated it in my head, I can’t believe there isn’t anyone in the world who hasn’t seen this movie…

The three parts I’m most excited for Darch to see are:

1. Under the bed

2. The apple juice scene

3. Boy

Bonus 4. The end credits (One of my all time favorite songs of all time)


I’m pretty sure this movie is about:

No idea. Since I have to guess, I would think that the main character is going through a rough patch in their life so they start a daycare and all the kids are terrible. Midway through the movie, the main character meets a love interest that turns around their perspective and they start to love their job and learn a lot about themselves and life.

Famous scenes/lines I think are in this movie:

There’s probably a kid that gets sick and twins that pull pranks. I may be thinking of an Adam Sandler movie.

I haven’t seen this movie because:

I’ve literally never heard of it.

Darch types in gray over here.

Ashley types in red over here.

I really hope you love this movie…

Ashley is acting like we’re on a date, she’s so nervous.

I’ve never been so nervous.

YES, Melissa… Howie Mandel IS in this movie!!!


Fred Savage with little brother Corey Matthews chilling on the porch.

Do you think anyone has ever ACTUALLY eaten a peanut butter and onion sandwich?

OMG I guessed Corey Matthews from THE BACK OF HIS HEAD.

Marv from Home Alone is a dad?

Daniel Stern in this movie IS my dad. Like for real.

Peanut butter and onion sandwiches. Where was pinterest on this one???

Is Corey Matthew’s only job to make faces?

Fred Savage: “Can I stay home from school, sick in bed, and grandpa can come over and read to me about the Princess Bride?”

Every Fred Savage movie is my favorite movie… can we do this again next week?

We can watch The Wizard next.


PRAYING for a baby Shawn Hunter in this movie.

Are you allowed to touch kids like that in your school?

Maybe I shouldn’t have asked that here???

I’m enchanted by this quirky girl in a sideways hat that “gets” the main character.

Are you scared yet?!?!?!

“Brian, are you okay? I noticed you left dinner early and created an elaborate trap using only spare bicycle parts in less than a day.”




Why isn’t Daniel Stern freaking out about the fact that it’s a pile of GROWN MAN’S clothes?!

If Brian puts the clothes on, does he BECOME the monster?

I think you’re thinking of The Santa Clause

This is all of my students. This monster, is a kid with ADHD.

Fred Savage is watching this dude MELT. Savage.

Did you ever think you’d see Howie Mandel playing this character?He’s normally SOOOOOO serious.

Is this where he developed his OCD thing?

Hey kid, please don’t go with this strange burglar that’s trying to take you to a location that your parents can’t go.

I remember as a kid thinking this seemed like the best idea. I’m a little creeped right now.


“Everyone of these stairs leads to some kid’s bedroom. It’s like… It’s like…” Monster’s Inc. that’s what it’s like.

The song that is coming up is super good. I think…

We’re to believe that this kid simultaneously took MDMA and DMT, right?

The song is in a different scene, apparently.

The grossest prank of all time is syran wrap on a toilet bowl.


This is my favorite scene…


Is Fred Savage acting like he’s hungover?


This movie is rape-ier than I remember. EW!

Oh my gosh the love interest has a picture of Fred in her room. ON HER MIRROR.

Oh man, Corey Matthews is about to blow the roof off the whole operation!

Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve always had a weird crush on Boy.

“Boy gets what he wants” So far creepiest line. Lots of contenders.

Here’s the song I was talking about 20 minutes ago.

Monster Ball. I thought that was a Halle Berry Movie.

It’s kind of like if Cut Copy and Ra Ra Riot had a baby.

It’s was a lot shorter than I remember too.


This movie is a pun monster’s dream. Half the time Howie is just walking around saying things. “Window PAIN!”

Corey Matthews promising to be “better” if they don’t get a divorce. My eyes promising to stop “crying” if this scene ends.

“It’ll take away the hurt.” Is Monsterland a metaphor for drugs/drinking?

I remember those women seeming SO OLD… Today, I am pretty sure they are my age…

The couch is not a bed. And I know this. I sleep on a couch at home.


This girl is the best love interest of all time. She’s cute, she’s into STEM fields, she puts up with Brian…

“Hi Kirsten. You wanna go on a date? … I mean, to help me find my kidnaped brother? My mom will drop us off in her mini van.”

Motley Crew- check, Chance that we may not make it-check, Cuteness factor-check.

Who run the world? BOY!

Ok… Be honest… Is Boy attractive, or am I just crazy?

Okay the whole time I thought Boy was that hunch back, but he’s actually a boy.

He’s like the poor man’s Chuck Bass.


I love that you are saying everything I’ve always said about this movie.

“Snick, show Brian to his room.” — God, a bad boy, AND a boss. Boy is the boy for me!


Why does the science closet in this school only have batteries and lightbulbs? I teach in a middle school. This is far from accurate.

This town has a monster problem. There are only light bulbs and batteries in ALL of the closets.

How did the bully get in monster land?

The bully is weirdly invested in this kidnapping rescue, having hated them the whole movie.

The bully IMMEDIATELY resigned himself to a life of being a monster. Like, maybe he should stay?

Get. Ready. To. Cry!

Lot of “not beds” that they are making into beds in this movie.

My actual all time favorite song of all time is coming up!!!!!


I have always been confused about why they have to say goodbye… Why can’t he just keep visiting him any old time? The monster world MUST be a drug metaphor… You gotta say goodbye sometime.

Fred Savage crying harder than when Topanga dumped Corey.

Can we link to this song somewhere?
Also, why isn’t it that easy to get to LA? I’d be crawling under my bed EVERY night!

The kids went into Monster World in Boston and came out in LA in under 5 hours. This is the beginning of an Unsolved Mysteries episode.

Overall Rating: A

Comments: Loved this movie. It is a quintessential 80’s movie. Kids getting into trouble and throwing off “the man” but then realizing that they want to be a real part of society and going back to their old ways, having learned never to be radical. Or just a fun movie, depending on how you look at it. Since I grew up IN LOVE with Corey Matthews, I felt like I went home for the first time with him and his mom showed me old home movies. I laughed, I cried, I said “ew” A LOT. I ran the gambit of totally normal human emotions. Also HOWIE MANDEL high-fived people. It was a different time.

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