Now and Then

A pubescent good time!



With Erica Tourville

This is my favorite movie because:

It takes me back to being a kid. My best friend and I loved this movie so much we watched it over and over again. I love the life long friendships.

I am shocked Darch hasn’t seen this because:

it’s a classic and every girl should see it.

The three parts I’m most excited for Darch to see are:

1. Roberta’s meltdown

2. Samantha’s meeting with Crazy Pete

3. Wormers’ swim scene


I’m pretty sure this movie is about:

I have no idea. Since I have to guess for the blog to work, I think it’s a movie about a dystopia in the future. The founders thought that the future would be bright but the harsh clarity of their surroundings is that they’d rather live in the great “Then” before the dystopia, before the fear. I’d cast Tilda Swinton, Alan Tudyk and Elle Fanning.

Famous scenes/lines I think are in this movie:

“We should never have changed!” “You never appreciate the Then, until you have to live in the Now.” Also there’s a brave female character that no one believes in, and then she unites all humanity.

I haven’t seen this movie because:

I’ve clearly never ever ever heard of it.

Darch types in gray over here.

Erica types in red over here.

This movie only has women in it. I know why I was never allowed to watch it.

This girl is in HOCUS POCUS.

I just remembered what type of person she is in this movie. I was way too young to watch this. Now it makes more sense.


Ew, Ash trays in a car? I can’t believe that’s real.

Ew Pay phones? I can’t believe that’s real.

I remember both of those. How old are you?

Written by I. Marlene King???? She writes Pretty Little Liars. I’m in.

This dress is horrid. I feel like her hair and taste in clothing make me not want to be her friend.

I like that this Hot lady has already had to change clothes from her limo outfit.

I never noticed that.


Weirdo girl that doesn’t believe in love has parents that fought loudly?????

I think the mom from Beethoven is about to give a REAL weird sex talk.

Did Christina Ricci ever get to date Devon Sawa in real life? “Now and Then” and “Casper”? How did she not fall in love with him at some point in her life?

Jeanine Guraffalo as a waitress witch? I couldn’t write a better wish list for a movie.

Teeny was a slut from go.

Surprise Surprise, Hocus Pocus is into the seance idea.

You should see this Sam girl in real life now!!


This girl sleeping in curlers is my childhood.

These girls have a complicated light system. What if the girl in the middle wanted to contact everyone?

I just had the exact same thought.


I seriously would NEVER go in a graveyard at night.

Did they drink anything other than coke in the 70’s?

Sing this: “Girls just being girls, playing truth or dare and talking ‘bout boobs.”

How does Teeny NOT hate Chrissy? These 2 are day and night.

Oh the 70s. When four carefree girls could bike miles to different towns with no parents in sight.

Do all brothers have a weird connection where they think skinny dipping is ok to do together?

Is this movie why people always say “You’re such a Samantha”?

I’m such a Chrissy.

I’m such a Roberta! I guess that means we are BFF’s.

Wednesday Adams has like, a lot of angst about death in this movie. Very #onbrand


Do huge newspaper books still exist?

OH! Brendan Fraser! I forgot he was in this. Hello, Brendan Fraser!

My mom would FREAK OUT watching this movie. They are PURPOSEFULLY talking to a scary man hitchhiker.

Thora is digging Brendan too!

They are getting cigarettes from him? Hocus Pocus is trying to like, drink the smoke.

Immediately after they left the hitchhiker, he murdered several women.

Then became a caveman. Have you seen that movie?

A lot more “Then” in this movie than there is “Now”.


I love that Jeanine keeps calling these three girls “boys”.

Jeanine IS A WITCH.

Crazy Pete is totally Dear Johnny’s dad. Calling it now.

It’s the cute boy from Little Giants! I bet he falls for the sporty one.

And Idle Hands. Terrible movie.

Are Teeny’s parents swingers?

Enter Devon Sawa. He never gets old! #sodreamy

Wednesday Adams and the Little Giant are playing pickup basketball, but the rules are pretty unclear. Like, is it make it take it? First to five?

Oh… they are flirting. I don’t get flirting.


This is a really defining moment in Weirdo’s life and only Hocus Pocus is there. It seems like a “whole group” kind of crisis.

This movie makes me want to be a kid again. I never rode my bike in the pouring rain and I want to. Is it too late?

Classic kid going into a well to find a dumbass bracelet and almost dying.

I wonder if she thinks she’s going to meet the Ninja Turtles down there; if that’s the case, I’d go in.


Here go my predictions-that’s how Dear Johnny died. In a well or water drowning of some sort.


Gramma just gave them all G and Ts.

Okay, so Dear Johnny got shot… by Crazy Pete? Where is the Crazy Pete tie in???

Where are Teeny’s parents? Roberta’s dad is a liar, Sam’s parents hate each other, Chrissy’s mom is overprotective, and Teeny’s parents are absent.


Were there laws in this town? Like they are clearly trespassing in this cemetery.

BOOYA. Crazy Pete is Dear Johnny’s dad. I KNEW IT. Sort of.

What is it about cemeteries that creates fog? There’s no fog in the rest of the town…


I think Chrissy sleeps with curlers still.

Okay I could not let my best friend deliver my baby. Ewewew

Is it supposed to be movie irony that Chrissy was pregnant first? Why am I just catching this?

I would be so pissed if I spent a whole summer trying to solve a mystery with my friends and we didn’t, and then years later one of the friends was like “Oh yeah, I solved it.”

Sam is the new Crazy Pete. She has been so afraid of the bad that she missed out on the good? Isn’t that basically what here and Pete talked about?

Overall Rating: C+

Comments: It was a cute movie but very hard for me to relate to. I didn’t have girl friends when I was younger and my first kiss was when I was 17, not 12 or whatever. I loved the All Star Cast and the element of mystery. I mostly loved Jeanine Gurafallo and attempting to spell her name correctly.


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