The Great Debaters

An inspiring good time!



With Rachel Saddler

This is one of my favorite movies because:

Not sure.

I am shocked Darch hasn’t seen this because:

I’m not shocked, most peeps haven’t seen this movie.

The three parts I’m most excited for Darch to see are:

1. I got 5 dollas! I got 5 dollas!

2. The scene where they are debating Mr. Tolson.

3. The cork scene – my favorite scene.


I’m pretty sure this movie is about:

No idea. Rachel said it was inspiring so I’m guessing it is about an underpriveleged school and a new teacher that moves there with big ideas. He gets some “cool” kids interested in debate even though initially they think it is lame. It starts to turn their lives around. No one believes in them at first, until they get into the BIG COMPETITION. They have to raise money to go, and everyone at the competition looks wayyy more professional and prepared and everyone on the team is like “Why are we even doing this???” and then they win and I cry.

Famous scenes/lines I think are in this movie:

Just a lot of “we can’t, we’re poor.” and then “You can, because I believe in you” and then me crying.

I haven’t seen this movie because:

I’ve never heard of it, but if it is anything like the movie I described above, I’m going to love it/cry.

Darch types in gray over here.

Rachel types in red over here.


Does this church have beer or is this two different scenes cut together?

I’m trying to guess the decade of this movie and Rachel is mad.

“What the fuck, girl?! – Darch

Tiny dude fighting a huge dude with a knife. We know where this is going.

1935! One of my guesses was correct.

Not sure why i always think the great depression is in the 20s:/

Denzel standing on his desk DECADES before Robin Williams did. Cultural appropriation.

Nate Parker is so handsome.

THE COOL KID that doesn’t want to be on a debate team. Called it.

This eight year old prodigy is my hero.

I love that line.“You sure you want someone like me?” “No. That’s why you’re trying out.” 


I’m about to learn EVERYTHING in this movie.

Before I competed in a debate my freshman year, I watched this movie for prep. 😛 I don’t know. I never debated before that moment in college.

Classic woman in a man’s world situation.

Samantha is very brave – not sure if I can be the only girl competing against all men. Especially when I was 18 – not sure how old her character is.  

Denzel just called this dude fat and everyone in the room was all “Wow. That’s deep.”

Dude this 8 year old prodigy is about to be heartbroken when the hot girl gets with the hot dude.

I love the directing in this movie. Denzel did it! I wonder how he would critique his own work.

Can we talk about how one of this hot girl’s sources was “The look in a mother’s eyes.”

Why can’t guys flirt with me that smoothly?

SHE MADE IT. A hot girl with maybe not as much talent as other people in the room got a spot on the team for being HOT.

“Well write your own dictionary…” I think about this whenever I hear or read or remember a word in the english language that had disrespectful origins. Seemingly.

“She’s very intelligent” Read: hot.


What is this game !? Hogwash? I keep meaning to look it up?

We all thought they hit a kid. It’s just a pig. Chill out.

I am not loving this moment of tension. Put the gun away dude.

So this pig cost an entire month’s salary – yeah ok ? *rolls eyes*

So I get that there’s a gun out, but if I handed someone a check and then they just dropped I’d be like “Have a good day now.” And leave.


I can’t understand a WORD they are saying. They all have corks in their mouths.

Ugh my favorite scene – the directing is wonderful.

“Would you punch yourself in a street fight? “ I think about this most times when I make self deprecating remarks about myself.

Rachel and I having a debate about lynching. It’s not as terrible as it sounds.

Classic 8 year old dreaming about dancing with the hot girl but she’s really flirting with the hot dude.

Dance cards are weird.

Sam compliments James’ dancing. He proceeds to share how he practices in his room. Alone.

I can’t tell what this hot girl is up to. She asks to dance with the 8 year old, the hot dude jumps in, she leaves with the hot dude?

This 8 year old just became a quick detective.

So James was exhausted enough to take off his tie but not turn around and GO HOME!


Denzel pretending like he’s a farmer all of the sudden to rile up some uprising.

Somebody snitched!

Does Denzel have some crazy sixth sense that he is always snatching up debaters right before they get killed?

“Why are you here?” “I walked by your house and saw you dressed funny.” Rational.

I just realized he’s in a full on suit – at 1am.

How come these parents are irate when they let their 8 year old go to a dance alone?

It took me years to get over my fear of Forrest Whitaker. #jasonslyric

I hope I’ve never said anything like that to me mom – probably. I don’t think so. But my mom has slapped me twice, that I can remember. Sooo… clearly I said something.


For sure hot dude bout to go off book during this debate.

ANNNNNDDDD the hot dude goes ahead and uses the debate to win the hot girl’s heart.

I get chills each time.

If my college had a debate team I would not be able to tell you about it.

I like this subplot of the cops hunting for someone trying to unionize the farmers. Is that illegal?

I have never seen this woman as afraid of the stage as she is right now.

I always love the people that leave as soon as she starts to talk – like what were you expecting? Now you gotta make the 14 mile trek home – what a waste.

There’s a fly on his back .  

This white college invited a black college to debate whether black people should be allowed to go to college? Da fuh?

YasLawd- Thas righ.

Are they debating Brown v. the Board of Education like 30 years before white people debated it? Again! Cultural appropriation.

Separate but Equal my ass

Yo this 8 year old is like ten more moments-like-this away from giving up on this girl. The hot dude keeps grabbing her away. He’s going to win!

Occupy Texas!

Forrest and Denzel just yelled at each other about Jesus but they were both smiling. Was that… an argument? A revelation?

Okay they are mad again. No smiles. Okay now they are drinking together. I’m lost.

They’re drinking lemonade #beyonce

The hot dude just stole this hot girl away to a swamp boat ride. Like, hello, mosquitos.

I can’t tell if he’s running game or being for real – Real tears or what?

Hot girl is melting this hot dude’s heart. Is he crying? He’s so REALL now.

Okay he CRIED after they kissed, how can she thinks it’s okay to sleep with him???

For real. The 8 year old’s heart just broke. Because DUH THE HOT PEOPLE SLEPT TOGETHER.

Darch is cracking me up

Just took 8 cops to arrest Denzel. For no reason.

“Uhh Sheriff, we have a situation. People are yelling.”

The sheriff just quoted a mother from Ladue #ferguson

“A mass slaughter, of citizens, by the police? Is that really what you want?” Tell it Forrest!

Some white dude just got told by the 8 year old. A battle only he was aware he was fighting. I did not realize it was an important subplot.


“Get back in the car. Shut the door. Nobody move.” For real. Treat this terrifying mob like it’s a bear of some sort.

I don’t know if it’s an irrational fear but I still get nervous driving through country small towns – 😦 like Lord please don’t let my car stall or whatever.


And the 8 year old was like… cha ching.

How does one find the local Negro bar in the middle of nowhere USA at 2 in the morning.

HOW did he find liquor and a ride home?

JK the 8 year old bout to drop some knowledge.

“He didn’t have to do nothing!” #2016reality

“It doesn’t matter how good we are, does it?” Damn Rachel. Why you gotta pick this movie now?


This 8 year old is too hungover to debate.

TA DOW Bitch!

DID THEY WIN? Why did they leave the debate before we got to see him debate?

Hehe I know the answer

They lost everyone. Just to be clear. That’s where we’re at. But they got invited to Harvard.

Denzel is wisely watching while the hot guy learns about love.

Denzel ABANDONING his team at literally the last second.


YO WE CHANGING THE GAME. New topic, new rules.

BOUT TIME we got a wise old butler character.

I love Wilson.

SEE IF I CARE – love it

I see you director putting that tempting woman in a red dress.

Her skin is so clear – Ugh – so pretty. I’ve literally had acne since I was 10. Woof.

Hot dude is so powerful when he’s crying. It just WORKS on people.

How many debate coaches make their students do this “Who is the judge?” question and answer isht?

Rachel and I silent during the debate, barely knowing what’s going on.

Everyone is glued to their radio. That was me ‘watching’ Serial

The 8 year old is eating up a lot of his allotted two minute rebuttal with this dramatic silence.

This debate team’s secret weapon is using the look in people’s eyes as a primary source.

“Was he a thief, was he a killer or just a Negro” Ugh #2016reality

REAllll tough to tell a black man in the Jim Crow south that the law is good.

OMGOD Wiley College won!!!!! That thing I predicted before the movie started happened!!!!

Who was the main character of this movie?

Overall Rating: A

Comments: This movie is so good. It has clearly impacted Rachel’s life because she keeps telling me how often she thinks about this movie and quotes random parts of it. We both agreed it was super pertinent to right now, and I think that’s what made it so important and fun to watch. It’s probably the most inspiring movie I’ve seen, but that could just be because Denzel spoke in it.



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